About Mid MO Cleaning

We are a young couple with a small local cleaning staff based out of Columbia, MO.  Contact us today to learn more about us or our cleaning services.

We offer residential cleaning servicescommercial / janitorial cleaning services, and deep cleaning services to the Mid-Missouri area.  We clean homes, apartments, condos, businesses, warehouses, and more.

We Are Insured

We are insured, so you can rest assured when our staff is cleaning your home or business.  We hold a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy with Progressive Business Insurance by Homesite.  Our policy number is: GLP1048099.

The Best Columbia, MO Cleaning Service

We strive to be the best at everything we do.  That is why we are aiming to be the best Columbia, MO cleaning service available.

Give us a try to see the difference our high-quality and affordable cleaning service can make for your situation.


Meet the Team!

Jenna H.

-Cleaning Technician

Meet Jenna, a Columbia native with a passion for podcasts and a deep love for animals. Born and raised in Columbia, MO she knows the area well! When she’s not tuning into her favorite podcasts, you can find her surrounded by her beloved animals, whom she adores and cares for dearly. With three years of dedicated service at Mid-MO Cleaning, she brings her strong work ethic and attention to detail to every task, ensuring spaces are left sparkling clean. Whether she’s immersed in the latest episode or tending to her furry friends, Jenna radiates warmth and kindness wherever she goes.

Laura A.

-Cleaning Technician

Meet Laura, a Columbia native with a deep-rooted love for her daughter, embodies kindness and warmth in all aspects of her life. With over two decades of dedicated service as a surgical technician, she brings unparalleled expertise and precision to her work. A proud alumna of Columbia College, Laura’s commitment to education and personal growth shines through in her continuous pursuit of excellence. Currently, she channels her exceptional work ethic into her role at Mid-MO Cleaning, where her diligence and reliability have earned her a reputation for excellence. Known for her welcoming nature and genuine compassion, Laura leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Bethany T.

-Cleaning Technician

Meet Bethany, a devoted mother and Columbia native, finds immense joy in nurturing her children and cherishing every moment with them. With a deep-seated passion for art, she explores creativity as a form of expression and finds solace in her artistic endeavors. In her leisure time, Bethany indulges in her fascination with true crime by avidly listening to podcasts, delving into the intricacies of criminal investigations and mysteries. As a valued member of the Mid-MO Cleaning team for several years, Bethany has earned admiration from both clients and colleagues alike, thanks to her unwavering dedication, impeccable work ethic, and genuine warmth. Her commitment to excellence and compassionate nature make her an invaluable asset to the company and a beloved presence in the community.

Lillian DiRienzo


– Meet Lillian she is a passionate individual who finds joy in caring for her beloved pets, who hold a special place in her heart. With a deep-seated love for real estate, she thrives in her role, building lasting connections with clients and colleagues alike. Since 2019, Lillian has been successfully running her own cleaning company, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence. Through her commitment and hard work, she continues to expand her businesses and nurture her team, fostering a supportive and thriving environment. Lillian’s journey is defined by her unwavering determination to succeed and her genuine care for both her furry friends and her professional endeavors.
Lillian DiRienzo headshot photo
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